The celebration was commemorated in 1985 by the International Conference on the Regulation and Development of Fisheries, held in 1984.

Fishing can be both industrial (when fish are fished in large quantities) and sporty (for personal pleasure, which sometimes involves catching the food not being used for food but being released back into nature).

The industry includes the use of vessels equipped with special fishing gear. It also includes the deployment of permanent nets in the water (called calamities when in the sea).

Sport fishing is mainly divided into underwater (often using harpoon and underwater equipment) and ordinary, which is in turn divided into sea (shore or boat), in calm waters (dams, lakes, etc.) and river (usually harboring carp, river mallard, whitefish, pike, catfish, barbel, squash, trout).

There is also frozen sport fishing, where the catch is mainly: perch, redcurrant, pike, white fish, trout. For sport fishing, a set of fishing gear is used.

Fishing has long been no longer just a means of livelihood, but also a hobby, which in most people later became a passion. Those who share this passion have the opportunity to celebrate their holiday only a few weeks after the catch is officially authorized.

“We are marking responsible fishing on this day, and we are focusing on the conservation of the Black Sea seaboard,” reminded the NGO “Friends of the Black Sea”.

Details of the event will be posted on the official Black Sea Friends page on Facebook!

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