International Black Sea Day – October 31

Over 16 million people from 6 countries each year celebrate October 31 – these are the people who live on the Black Sea coast. On that day, in 1996, the Strategic Plan for the Black Sea was signed. In 1996, the governments of the Black Sea countries accepted that pollution of our common sea creates risks for all border countries.

Scientists report signs of improvement in conservation and recovery. However, the ability of the Black Sea to recover is close to its critical limit, and if it is passed, changes in both the biosphere and the lives of humans will become irreversible. Many people, and especially those living along the coast, believe it is time to change the prospect of preserving and restoring this unique natural system – our common Black Sea.

“The most serious threat to the Black Sea ecosystem is pollution, overfishing and unsustainable coastal development.”

On the day of the Black Sea, scientists remind us that each one of us can help protect it – leaving no trash on the beach and not throwing indiscriminately nylon bags, pouring no fat and dangerous chemicals into the sewer and saving the water.

The Strategic Plan for the Black Sea is a symbol of the hope for a better future for 16 million people from six countries inhabiting its coast. It is the embodiment of the commitment of the governments of the region to serious action and real results in the efforts to restore and protect the sea. This day is a celebration of the dedicated and tireless efforts of many people who devote their time and energy to helping protect the environment.

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