Dear Members,
dear friends of the Black Sea,

“Friends of the Black Sea” NGO and our members are not on the list of non-governmental organizations, performing absurd costs with public and European funds. We are deeply grateful to you and we are clearly distinguishable from a future partnership with organizations that are proven to have violated European rules and good practices.

The list of non-governmental organizations, performing fictitious projects for millions of levs, was announced a few days ago and caused a wave of dissatisfaction among the non-governmental sector.

The Friends of the Black Sea NGO strongly condemns any attempt to imitate activities and misappropriate funds under European programs as we believe that our causes and aspirations for ecological balance in the world for clean nature and the sea must be pursued without financial gain. Moreover, we will not allow joint activities with physical and legal persons for whom there is definite evidence that they are violating the laws.

The “Friends of the Black Sea” NGO does not participate in projects that deviate from the protection of the environment and the sea, as well as those that imply generating financial benefits for individual members or partners.

The focus of NGOs must continue to be on the most painful topics, and trust in the non-governmental sector as a whole depends on the implementation of each project.

That is why the Friends of the Black Sea NGO will keep European programs to help solve real problems and clearly distinguish themselves from any organization abusing public resources.

Nature is our common home and it is our duty to fulfill our mission by working with dedication in the name of protecting the environment, guided by the highest principles of morality and ethics!

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