Dolphin day commemorated with a discussion

“Black sea friends” is organizing an event for the occasion of the World Dolphin Day, which is traditionally celebrated on April 14th. “We will draw the attention of all seafarers to a complex problem – the dolphin population in the Black Sea,” they noted from the association and called for the discussion to include everyone who loves the sea.

Dolphins are cetacean mammals, all over the world, but prefer the shallower seas on continental shelves. As predators their diet consists mainly of fish and squid.

Dolphins are known for their sharp vision in the water and beyond, as well as a well-developed touch for touch due to the dense free nerve endings. They can hear frequencies ten times or more above the upper limit of what older people can and are able to produce a wide range of sounds using nasal air bags.

Dolphins are very social animals. They gather in areas where there is plenty of food, and they form groups that can exceed 1000 dolphins. Dolphins would stay with wounded or sick people, even helping them breathe and bring them to the surface if necessary.

Dolphins often jump over the surface of the water. They do this for various reasons; when they are moving, jumping saves energy, as there is less friction while the dolphin is in the air. Some other jumping explanations include orientation, social display, wrestling, non-verbal communication, entertainment, and parasite removal.
Details of the event can be viewed on the official Black Sea Friends Facebook page!

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