“Black sea friends” with Earth Day initiatives

International Earth Day Earth Day - April 22, marks more than half a billion people. Each year, the International Earth Day Network coordinates the actions of more than 12,000 partners in 174 countries to protect the planet Earth and preserve life on it. The network seeks to create broad civil support for sustainable and effective [...]

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Dolphin day commemorated with a discussion

"Black sea friends" is organizing an event for the occasion of the World Dolphin Day, which is traditionally celebrated on April 14th. "We will draw the attention of all seafarers to a complex problem - the dolphin population in the Black Sea," they noted from the association and called for the discussion to include everyone who [...]

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The celebration was commemorated in 1985 by the International Conference on the Regulation and Development of Fisheries, held in 1984. Fishing can be both industrial (when fish are fished in large quantities) and sporty (for personal pleasure, which sometimes involves catching the food not being used for food but being released back into nature). The industry [...]

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