We unite our efforts with one of the biggest eco organizations in Europe, which promotes the ambitious sea-keeping policies.


The “Friends of the Black Sea” non-profit association launched an official partner of one of the largest organizations in Europe whith many members of non-governmental organizations committed to protect the environment. It reaffirms the policies for protection of the seas at European and world level.


” Friends of the Black Sea ” join its forces with all members of Seas At Risk and will work hardly for protection and recovery of the Black Sea ecosystem. The basic principles of the organizations are related with the conservation of living marine resources and the sustainability of exploitation, as well as the future generegations can feel the advantage. Now all Black Sea friends who demand the conservation of fish resources and the Black Sea ecosystem will be able to rely on the fully support of one of the most serious and ambitious organizations in Europe.


“The admission of the association as a member at Sea At Risk is very important for us and it is a prerequisite for a narrower cut of the government in decision-making on the management of viable resources in the Black Sea. We can help with the processions and predictions of those who are concerned about possible mistakes to ensure a healthy sea for the next generations”, comment the president of the “Friends of The Black Sea” Aneliya Skrimova and she was sertain that “due to this partnership we unite our efforts to be stronger and to work more fully for our cause.” In her words, “now is the time for non-governmental organizations to become real partners in terms of politicians.”


Together with other members of the organization, “Friends of The Black Sea” works to ensure a sustainable interaction between human activity and the marine world in the long run. The representatives of the association involved in the conclusion of the agreement on seas at risk should be subject to joint action on the Black Sea and the country with illegal activities.




“Friends of Th Black Sea” aims to achieve a goal of protecting, and restoring the Black Sea ecosystem, conserving marine biological resources and ensuring their long-term exploitation and use for today’s generation and in the future; to promote ecologically sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the Black Sea region in the long term and to promote sustainable management; implementing an ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture management to reduce the negative impact of fishing activities on the marine ecosystem; sustainable development of the fishing communities along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast; the promotion of marine fisheries through the supply of fishing vessels; promoting marine food as a healthy product. The reality of the association is based on the following principles: good governance and sustainability of activities in terms of economic, social and economic prospects; introducing a prior and ecosystem approach to the management of marine biological resources; taking into account long-term perspectives; democratic governance and transparency – an opportunity for all stakeholders to take part in the decision-making process; integration and coordination between environmental policies and all other economies in the Black Sea region.

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