As a organization dealing with the conservation of marine biological resources, the Friends of the Black Sea alerts about shocking facts that reveal what causes fishing in the marine world.

Overfishing in fact leads to exhaustion of species and large losses and minimization of the industry in different directions. In this way, disappear species after species. Apart from the fish species, their habitats disappear, which may be devastating in the near future.

A fact, which few people think about, is about the way in which commercial fishing is taking place today. To have 90% of the amount of farm catches, non-selective gears are used that cause huge damage to the marine ecosystem.

The sad statistics show that for every ton of fish caught, another 5 tonnes of non-catchers are caught in nets. These can be dolphins, sharks and other marine organisms. Forever from the face of the earth disappear entire species of the marine world.

“We are struggling to preserve and restore the Black Sea ecosystem, to conserve marine biological resources and ensure their long-term exploitation and benefits for the generations today and ahead of time. We believe that the future depends on ecologically sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the Black Sea region, and we want to give publicity to the problems in the sector and to encourage fishermen to make sustainable fishing”, said Black Sea Friends.

A comparison of what is happening in the oceans and seas daily can be done with African savannah. It would be relevant if we were to catch gasels, but in the hunt process we drag each lion, giraffe, ostrich and elephant. No one will do this in the savannah, but it is done daily in the sea.

“Let us all join together to reduce the negative impact of fishing activities on the marine ecosystem,” say the Black Sea Friends Association.

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