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– Protection, conservation and recovery of the Black sea ecosystem, conservation of marine biological resources ensuring their long-term exploitation and benefits for the future generations;

– Promoting environmental friendly fisheries and aquaculture in the Black sea region on a long-term basis and their sustainable management;

– Implementation of the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries and aquaculture management and alleviation of the negative impact of fishing activities on marine ecosystem;

– Sustainable development of the fisheries dependent communities in the Black sea coastal regions;

– Fostering and promoting marine fishing activities using selective gears and supporting the small-scale fishermen;

– Promotion of seafood as a healthy source of nutrition.


– Full respect for the sustainability of the maritime economies taking into account the ecological, social and economic dimensions of their potential and perspectives;

– Support for the ecosystem-based and precautionary approaches in the management of marine biological resources;

– Pursue of long-term perspectives;

– Democratic management and transparency – possibility for all stakeholders and other interested parties to participate in the decision-making process and the implementation of the rules;

– Integration and coordination of the economic activities;

– Integration and coordination of the environmental policies and all other economic activities in the Black sea region.

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